"What I want is your Heart." Quote from One Eye Marionette

"Let's dance. Shall we?" Common phrase use by One Eye Marionette

"One-Eye Marionette" is a fictional serial killer. A human at day and a doll at night. She who acts innocent at day and murderous at night. Hunting at night for human flesh as she finds her targets at day. 


The One-Eye Marionette is a wandering serial killer who feeds on human flesh. She targets anyone no matter what age and hunts only night. She'll stalk her target at day, watching their movement for one day. At the very same day during night, she goes for the kill. Killing everyone who she sees, letting no one escape. Although the One-Eye Marionette works alone, her twin brother, Mavis, keeps an eye on the police department as he works as a policeman. Keeping his little sister save as well pretending to pursue her case as the One-Eye Marionette.  The One-Eye Marionette was once a normal girl by the name of Maria Heinz, she and her twin brother lived in the Harold orphanage. The Harold orphanage is a place where the government was conducting experiments on childrens to make a inhuman assassins. But when Maria and her twin brother Mavis was being experimented on, one of the scientist accidentally used the wrong serum that was incomplete. Changing Maria's and Mavis's bodies. Maria only had one eye which was her right eye, her left eye was gone. Maria's left side face up to her left eye to her forehead was expose. All you see was the deep socket of her eye, and her the flesh of her left forehead melted. Mavis had the same effect as Maria but it was his opposite eye, his right eye. Their bodies turning into dolls that crave for human flesh at night and humans at day. Insanity, madness, and the urge to kill. The scientists tried to stop Maria as she went on a murderous spree but failed in the end by being eaten by her. While her brother who's the opposite of Maria, watches her kill, unaffected by the insanity, madness, and the urge to ​kill from the incomplete serum. Unable to control the feelings that she felt, Maria couldn't help but to kill until she's satisfy. But killing the people in the orphanage wasn't enough she wanted to kill more.


During daytime, Maria have honey blond hair and gold eyes. The beautiful girl with the perfect face and body that just look like a human size doll. Maria can't see anything except darkness in her left eye in daytime. In daytime, Maria usually wears a simple plain dress. But when the sun sets, Maria's body turning to a marionette doll, her hair turning to jet black, and her gold eyes to silver eyes. In nighttime, Maria would cosplay like a marionette doll, wearing different sets of cosplay clothes each day when she goes hunting.


Maria was once a innocent girl who only wanted what's best for her brother. She cares about her brother a lot and wanted him to live a normal life despite becoming a monster who feed on human flesh. After the experiment, Maria wasn't the innocent girl who didn't know anything going on. Maria become calm, and quiet. She would think and wait before taking action in her own hands. 

Doesn't show emotions since she can only express during daytime but not nighttime. Maria is very cautious not to leave evidence behind when she kills knowing her brother would clean up her mistakes if she even did left something behind. She would only torture her victims when she doesn't feel like killing them yet treating them like dolls or slaves. Maria hates being awaken from her slumber when it's nighttime, sometimes she'll sleep for days to months without hunting. 

Maria is helpful to people like her, she can tell which person is similar to her when it comes to killing or being a psychopath. She will give them a place to stay and give them what they need as long they don't bother her much. 

The Fire Outbreak of the Harold Orphanage

On the night of December 12, 1980, the Harold Orphanage was light up on fire. Policemens and firefighters rushed to the scene to find two children outside of the burning orphanage. Maria who's all bloody from head to toes, the policeman took her away from Mavis. Both children were interrogated separately only to be given vague answers. The policemans hasn't notice how their bodies was different and taken Maria and Mavis to another orphanage where both of the twin were adopted to different families. The case become cold since the police couldn't find any information about the fire and the deaths of the 30 childrens and 5 adults.

2004 Murder Case of the Helios Mansion

On November 4th, 2004, the family members of the Helios were brutally murder. Their bodies hanging in the air by a clear thread. The autopsy report showed that they died three hours ago and show multiple stab wounds on their chest. Their head maid found them all hanging in the garden after clocking in for work, smelling the metallic blood in the air and following the trail of blood. All the maids and servants that worked that night were called killed. Their lower bodies mutilated and their upper bodies having a gaping hole in their chests. The victims's hearts were ripped out of their chest. The security camera outside the mansion recorded a doll like girl carrying a hatchet walking in the mansion and coming out in bloody clothes after three hours. The footage was scan through as the police investigate. Finding nothing since this was the last place the One-Eye Marionette was last seen. The One-Eye Marionette doesn't stay one place, she goes everywhere.

Powers and Abilities

The One-Eye Marionette controls the clear thread as she moves. Attaching her thread everywhere without looking. Her strength, speed, and regeneration comes from the incomplete serum when she became a doll. Maria likes to rope balance and can balance on her clear thread easy. Her clear thread are sharp and can cut anything except her and Mavis. Humans injured their self as they pass her weaving thread without seeing it but sooner later become paralyze within secoinds. When the One-Eye Marionette dance, those who are tangle in her thread, their body moves as well. Killing them slowly as the clear thread cutting deep in their skin to be decapitated. The One-Eye Marionette can tell what's a truth and what's a lie. By looking deep into their eyes, in her doll form, her left eye tells her whether the person is telling the truth or lying. 

The One-Eye Marionette can only be human at day and a doll at night. She mutilated her victims is for their suffering, to feel what she felt when she was experimented at the Harold Orphanage.


Only at day time she only human. She doesn't have her strength, speed, and regeneration. 


Maria Heinz was created by Mareabella

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